Author and Participant Information

Conference Registration Desk

The Conference Registration Desk is located in the Congress Center lobby and will be open as follows:

Monday, 8 July07:30 – 21:00
Tuesday, 9 July07:30 – 18:30
Wednesday, 10 July07:30 – 18:30
Thursday, 11 July07:30 – 17:30

On-Site Registration

On-site registration for the conference will be conducted during the registration desk hours.

Oral Presentations

The duration of a presentation slot is 15 minutes. Please target your lecture for a duration of about 12 minutes for the presentation plus ca. 3 minutes for questions from the audience.
The presentations must be uploaded to the conference notebook in your session room at least 30 min before the respective session start (during coffee or lunch break; 30 min before the plenary, if applicable). The use of the conference notebook is obligatory, private computers are not allowed.
The presentation slides must be in 4:3 format, either MS Office (PowerPoint) compatible, or PDF. For videos, VLC player is available.

Please meet your session chair 15 min before session start. If there is a plenary directly before the session, be there 15 min before the plenary.

Poster Presentations

The size of a poster board is H × W = 2.5 m × 1 m. The posters must be in vertical orientation (a.k.a. portrait, height > width); we recommend the A0 format (1189 mm × 841 mm). The fonts should be readable from some distance.
You should put up your poster in the morning before the first coffee break and remove it in the evening of your presentation day.

Please be ready for discussions at your poster during the poster session.

Conference Proceedings

Download the Conference Proceedings using this link. Registered participants receive the password by email or at the conference reception desk.

After downloading the ZIP file, unpack it on your computer, and open the file MEMRISYS2019_Proceedings.pdf in your favourite PDF viewer.
Here you find the abstracts for plenary, keynote and invited speeches, and a table with the regular contributions (1-page extended abstracts). In the table you can click on the abstract titles to open the respective abstract (in a separate file in the sub-directory extended_abstracts) – depending on your system settings you might have to allow to follow this link.

For reference to your MEMRISYS 2019 publication, use the according page in the main document MEMRISYS2019_Proceedings.pdf, e.g.:

Arthur Author and Arturo Autore. Mam Rises to Thousand and Nine Teen Proceedings. Proc. MEMRISYS 2019, Dresden, Germany, p. 42, 2019

Presentation and Poster Upload and Download

It would be very kind of you if you could share your presentations or posters with the MEMRISYS community. If you like to do so, please upload your file (PDF only, with your paper number and first author in the file name).

To download the shared presentations or posters, use this link and the same password as for the Conference Proceedings (you received it by email or at the reception desk).


The project NEUROTECH offers a prize of 500 € for the best work on memristor-based hardware and applications in the field of neuromorphic computing technology.
The price is open to any type of contributions at MEMRISYS 2019 presented by early career people (Ph.D. students, and postdocs / young researchers up to 7 years from the Ph.D. award).
The application deadline passed on 30 June 2019.