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The KC Club version of the GIDE interface

Last update: 07.07.2010

Availability and orders: All boards and kits from the last run are sold out. We may consider a new production run soon, if there is enough interest around. If you are interested, please contact us.

Introduction (by Tilmann Reh, 1995)
The GIDE is a generic IDE interface for Z80-based computers. It allows to connect a maximum of two IDE devices like hard disk or CD-ROM to such computers. Optionally, it also contains a real-time-clock (RTC, Seiko-Epson 72421) which can be battery-backed. The interface board is powered by the target computer, and draws so little current that it can be expected to work with really every Z80 computer. The interface is accessed via I/O instructions, with a jumper-selectable base address.
For more information about the original version of the GIDE interface and software implementations follow this link: www.gaby.de/gide/
Here is a photograph of Tilmann's original GIDE board.
Here is an introduction article as it was published in 1995 in the KC-News magazine.
KC-Club redesign of the GIDE interface
In 2001 the KC-Club made a slightly modified version of Tilmann's GIDE. These modifications, which especially reflect our experiences with the GIDE interface in the KC85 mashines, are:
  • additional reset generator (TL7705) which makes the operation of the RTC chip more reliable. This is especially necessary for the KC85 system due to its strange transient behavior during power-on which otherwise resets the RTC chip.
  • room for a battery socket or a solderable battery of appropriate size for supplying the RTC chip (CR2032 3V lithium cell or equivalent)
  • 44-pin interface to directly connect 2.5" drives
This makes the board slightly larger which is now 95 x 83 mm. However, the operation of the interface and the options described for the original version remain unchanged. Thus, the new interface can be used in the same way as the original version. Here you can have a look at the prototype board.
Detailed technical information (PDF files):
GIDE kits
Please note: Our GIDE kits are just the hardware part which is required to connect IDE devices to a Z80 system. In order to get the connected IDE devices (e.g. a hard disk) into operation with such a system, it is necessary to create some appropriate software (a client programm, a driver, or a BIOS modification). On a CP/M system, the most comfortable way is to integrate the hard disk into the system as a real CP/M drive using a modified BIOS. Such a modification has to be done for each system separately and requires
  • the BIOS source code,
  • the tools to build a new system (assembler, linker, system generation tool, ...),
  • some programming skills.
Some pieces of sample code for a BIOS modification can be found at www.gaby.de/gide/.
Preferably, the interface will be shipped as unassembled set. All of the following information apply for this condition. If you are looking for an assembled interface please contact me to arrange this.
The GIDE kit you will receive contains the following parts:
  • bare printed circuit board (two copper layers, solder stop masks, print layer)
  • complete set of interface components for standard mounting including all real time clock (RTC) components (see partlist)
  • optional cable mounting components (see mounting considerations)
  • detailed assembling instructions
The prices are as follows (EUR prices are fixed but USD prices depend on the current exchange rate, here we assume an exchange rate of EUR 1.00 = $ 1.30):
  • Items:
    • (A) standard kit - EUR 34.00 ($ 44.20)
    • (B) cable mounting option (CMO) - EUR 2.00 ($ 2.60)
    • (C) standard kit with CMO (A+B) - EUR 36.00 ($ 46.80)
  • shipping ... see below
  • payment ... see below
Shipping costs (for one or two kits)
  • international shipping - EUR 8.00 ($ 10.40)
  • inside Europe - EUR 5.00
  • inside Germany - EUR 4.00
Payment options
We offer the following payment options:
  • Direct bank transfer:
    This option is especially useful for German and European buyers: If you are able to transfer the money at your own costs to a bank account in Germany then there are no further charges from our side.
  • PayPal:
    Paypal members can transfer the money to a Paypal account. The charges are up to 3.9 percent of the transfered value plus $ 0.45.
  • Order cheque, international money order:
    If any other method fails, we can also accept cheques and money orders. The clearing fee is EUR 10.00, which should be added to the total amount.
For questions and orders please send an e-mail to

Frank Dachselt, dachselt@iee1.et.tu-dresden.de