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With Prof. M. Schröter, a number of research students are working in the HICUM group.

For the support of any released HICUM model and for any HICUM related information, please direct your query to:

  • E-Mail
    A. Mukherjee:
    M. Schröter:

  • Phone
    M. Mukherjee:  +49 351 46331961
    M. Schröter:       +49 351 46337686

  • Fax
    +49 351 46337260

  • Mail
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Schröter
    Technische Universität Dresden
    Institut für Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik und Elektronik
    01062 Dresden

  • Visitors
    Secretary: Mrs. Ria Lykowski
    Barkhausenbau Room. 254
    Helmholtzstraße 18
    01069 Dresden

  • For any web related queries, please contact:
    Mr. L. Hofmann

A.Mukherjee, L.Hofmann
02 February 2010