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HICUM Level 2
HICUM Level 0
Sample netlists

The terms under which the HICUM software is provided are as follows:

Software is distributed as is, completely without warranty or service support. The Model Owner and his team members are not liable for the condition or performance of the software.

Michael Schroter (Model Owner) owns the copyright but shall not be liable for any infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights brought by third parties against the users of the software.

The Model Owner hereby disclaims all implied warranties.

The Model Owner grants the users the right to modify, copy, and redistribute the software and documentation, both within the user's organization and externally, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The users agree not to charge for the HICUM code itself but may charge for additions, extensions, or support.

  2. In any product based on the software, the users agree to acknowledge the Model Owner that developed the software. This acknowledgment shall appear in the product documentation.

  3. The users agree to reproduce any copyright notice which appears on the software on any copy or modification of such made available to others.

With the help of a platform-independent compiler (like ADMS or TIBURON etc), a consistent and uniform C-code can be generated along with complete derivative information for commercial simulators. We release, maintain and support ONLY the Verilog-A codes. The following open source code releases are available: Test results including CMC QA suite
Access to the VA-code for HICUM/L0 is restricted. You are required to enter a password. You can start a request for the password by filling out the following form.

Register for access to HICUM Level 0

The following source code releases are available:
The netlists for simulating the codes are given below. Note that the nomenclature of the netlist files are similar to the data files available in the Model Testing section. The test parameters, useful for testing any implementation, are given in the following: For SPICE3F C-code, one requires to contact Prof. J. C. Perraud at University of Caen, France.

A.Mukherjee, L.Hofmann, A. Pawlak
07 Jan 2016