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WELCOME to the official webpage of all HICUM related activities. HICUM stands for HIgh CUrrent Model and targets the design of bipolar transistor circuits at high-frequencies and high-current densities using Si, SiGe or III-V based processes. HICUM is being developed and maintained by the HICUM Group at CEDIC, University of Technology Dresden, Germany, and the University of California at San Diego, USA. Feedback of the co-operation partners are also greatly acknowledged.

A quick overview along with the HICUM equations, and its parameter list provide a general description of the model. Most recent updates are systematically arranged in the Documentation section. Older information may be found for the years: 2002 , 2001 and 2000.

HICUM has been selected by the Compact Modeling Council (CMC) as one of the standard bipolar transistor compact models for the industry. HICUM is available in all mainstream commercial circuit simulators. For more comprehensive information, see simulator-availability and the respective vendor websites.

Presently three hierarchy (levels) of HICUM models (e.g., Level0, Level2 and Level4) exist differing by model complexity and each targetting a different design purpose. For more information on the model levels, please see the Documentation section. Note that HICUM Level4, which can be easily generated by TRADICA, is not publicly available and supported by our group.

A.Mukherjee, L.Hofmann
14 September 2010