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Parameter Determination

Device characterization and the model parameter extraction are crucial steps for achieving a good model.

All the parameters can be extracted in a step-by-step manner keeping a physical understanding with the associated model equations. These extraction strategies can be found in HICUM Documentation from our Documentation section. From this page one may also get some quick information on parameter extraction procedure, along with Test structure and bias conditions and the related software HICUM Aperitif (ICCAP-based) toolkit from XMOD Technologies.

The HICUM group has set up a state-of-the-art measurement laboratory with all the modern equipments for reliable model evaluation. The group owns systems for DC, AC, Noise and Load-Pull measurements. Also some specific arrangements are there to make other crucial characterizations. The HICUM model is also verified with actual device measurements, which can be found in the Model Testing section.

A.Mukherjee, L.Hofmann
14. September 2010